Taxpayer funded women’s studies professor advocated for ‘men control’

HYQBI04H_400x400Meet Ashwini Tambe. She’s the Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies and the Editorial Director of the journal Feminist Studies at the University of Maryland.

The website recently did a bit of research on radical feminist professors who are tending to the minds full of mush that roam the hallways of American universities these days, and were made aware of Ms. Tambe’s twitter feed.  They decided to take a gander at the rather short list of thoughts she’s shared via the twittersphere, and shock of all shocks…it seems that yet another feminist professor, in addition to being pro-gun control, is anti-man, especially when it comes to men who choose to protect themselves with a firearm. “#YesAllWomen We need to add man control to our call for gun control,” wrote Tambe in one tweet. “It’s men with guns who kill people. Overwhelmingly. Recast masculinity!”

Now, call me nitpicky if you will, but aren’t feminists the ones who shout at fever pitch on a fairly regular basis that we should all have the “right to choose?” When it comes to choice, is it just a one-way street like most things on the left, or are these women really for freedom of choice in all things? I’m quite confused.

Ms. Tambe is free to think whatever she wishes. Where I have an issue is that Ms. Tambe is taxpayer funded, having received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her work that focuses on the regulation of sexual practices in South Asia.

In another tweet on her timeline, she appeared to support the completely fictional article about a UVA campus rape written as fact by Sabrina Rubin Erdely in Rolling Stone magazine.

And there’s much more where that came from right here.

It’s time we start highlighting professors who are taxpayer funded, yet allowed to say pretty much anything they wish on social media and in the classroom, even if it means somehow controlling “all men” to fit a political agenda. That’s hardly pro-choice, a cause women like Tambe and others champion with great enthusiasm. Shouldn’t men be able to choose whether or not they carry a firearm?


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