Smart Girl Politics (SGP) was founded in 2008 by Stacy Mott and Teri Christoph, two stay-at-home moms turned activists. Disgusted by the poor treatment of conservative women in the media, Stacy and Teri turned a blog into a movement.

SGP was involved early on in the formation of the Tea Party movement. One of the original three national sponsors – along with #TCOT and the Don’tGo Movement – of the February and April 2009 tea parties, SGP became a nationally known brand and alternative voice for women.

Through the years, we’ve organized six Smart Girl Summits, trained hundreds of activists, built a strong social media presence, and grown an army of seriously fierce women activists. We’ve even mentored a few women who’ve run for – and won! – state, local or national offices.

Today, SGP is striving to become the premiere online community for grassroots conservatives. We do this through our Facebook page, our blogging here on the site and our podcasts. We will be adding member blogs, forums and groups to the site in the very near future.

We are:

  • An online community for conservatives (men are more than welcome here!).
  • Lovers of the United States of America.
  • An alternative voice for women whose views aren’t well represented in the media.
  • A “sane space” for conservatives who feel unwelcome on other sites.
  • Grassroots to the core.
  • Feminists, in the traditional sense that we support women making the right life choices for themselves and their families, free from the shackles of government.
  • Podcasters.

We aren’t:

  • Feminists, as defined by liberals.
  • Haters of men.
  • Beltway insiders.
  • Julia.
  • Beholden to any politician or candidate.




  • anonymous

    Oh Thank God I found you. I’m beyond disgusted with all the lifestyle blogs I’ve faithfully followed (until now) that cater openly, solely and exhaustively to SJW libs. The simpering, self righteous rhetoric is frankly depressing. And would someone, anyone, please tell me WTF the pink pussy hats are protesting?
    FFC (Fellow Female Conservative)