Episode #29: CPAC, Milo, and Toto, too

Episode #29: CPAC, Milo, and Toto, too

Host Teri Christoph talks about the CPAC/Milo Yiannopoulos controversy (resisting the urge to call this episode “When they go low, we go Milo”) and how Milo might be the key to a conservative resurgence. Film critic Christian Toto of HollywoodinToto.com stops by in the second half of the show to give a preview of the Oscars.


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Teri Christoph is one of the original founders of Smart Girl Politics. In addition to her work at SGP, Teri is a full-time fundraiser for conservative candidates and causes. She lives in Leesburg, VA, with her husband and four children. You can contact Teri at teri@smartgirlpolitics.org.

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