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Teri Christoph is one of the original founders of Smart Girl Politics. In addition to her work at SGP, Teri is a full-time fundraiser for conservative candidates and causes. She lives in Leesburg, VA, with her husband and four children. You can contact Teri at


Episode #39: Your Genital Preferences Offend Me

The joys of Ebates, breaking free from the Kohl’s Cash loop, the real reason ESPN is failing, Bill Nye the Political Guy, and genital preferences.


The Badass Girl and the Menacing Bull Represent America’s Gender War

The artwork on Wall Street known as ‘Fearless Girl’ could not be a more apt physical manifestation of America’s gender war.


Ep. 38: Who’s Watching All Those Adam Sandler Movies, Anyway?

Topics include why Bill O’Reilly had to go, Adam Sandler’s domination of Netflix, and why the hell it costs $36,000 to throw a wedding.


How to stay married

What’s your attitude toward marriage as an institution? Is it more traditional in nature, or does it match the culture’s more progressive, cavalier view?


Are conservatives wrong about Lena Dunham?

Lena Dunham is a favorite punching bag for many of us on the right. She embodies a number of the things that repel us about liberals.


Episode #37: David Limbaugh and the True Jesus

Author David Limbaugh stops by to chat with Teri and Kira about his new book, The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.


Episode #36: Boys will be girls, white board activism and political lipstick

The Smart Girl Politics podcast has a new format! Teri Christoph will be joined each week by Kira Davis of RedState and April Gregory, recovering politico.


Politicizing Pretty: Everything is a political statement these days, even your lipstick

Beauty and lifestyle bloggers are politicizing pretty in the Trump era. What are conservative women to do when they don’t feel welcome on these sites?

Daily Haley

Nikki Haley blasts Syria’s friends in scathing announcement

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is calling out countries, such as Bolivia, that choose “to defend the atrocities of the Syrian regime”.


Tina Fey, hater of conservative women, sets her sights on Karen Pence

Tina Fey sure does love to mock conservative women. First is was Sarah Palin, and now her latest target is Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence.