War Weary American Blood ‘The Best’

The battles of today are vastly different than at any time in our history, because the uncomfortable reality is that without a definitive response each new attack breeds emboldened behavior.


Where we begin

The poor and needy are always among us. We see them in our big cities, as well as in the small town grocery store. Lives who matter to God, but appear as though they are of no significance to another human being. Each face represents a story, and if there were time to hear their tales, our hearts would cry


Bernie Sanders: Let’s Investigate Those “D*mn Emails”

Ever wonder if politicians really mean what they say?


Magic Wheelchair: How One Father’s Determination Made His Kids’ Halloween Wish Come True

“…every pirate needs a ship, so let’s just build one around his chair!’”


A Call to Journalists

Where are the ethics in journalism?


Tricks or Treats: What Halloween and Politics Have in Common

What Halloween and politics have in common–tricks and treats.


Glamour apparently couldn’t find any real women worthy of the title “Woman of the Year”

Word on the street is Glamour is set to bestow Bruce Jenner, now known as “Caitlyn Jenner,” the coveted 25th Anniversary “Woman of the Year” Award.


China’s Communist Party gives couples permission to have two children

China’s Xinhua News Agency announced earlier today that the Communist Party of China has decided to allow couples to have two children instead of one.


Kaboom! Ted Cruz blasts liberal moderators during third GOP debate

It was a beautiful moment that will go down in debate history. It was a moment when a conservative presidential candidate finally discussed the  elephant in the room: Media Bias The night was a win for the Republican candidates and a loss for the mainstream media.  Republican voters cheered, because Senator Ted Cruz did what John McCain and Mitt Romney should have done: He turned the


#OptOutside: Retailer REI Puts People and Purpose Over Profits

REI CEO Jerry Stritzke says “We think that Black Friday has gotten out of hand…”