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Nov. 17: Jody Warner Proves Women are Abusers, Too

Question of the Day: Marvel vs. DC — which universe do you prefer?

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Nov. 16: This Marine Kept the Promise He Made in a Bunker in Vietnam

Question of the Day: Are there any Thanksgiving foods you refuse to eat?

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Nov. 14: Democrats Are Opening an Anti-Trump Hotel … and It Sounds Like Hell on Earth

Question of the Day: You have to pick one pie for Thanksgiving – will it be apple or pumpkin?

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Nov. 13: If You Were Spanked as a Child, You’re Probably a Mental Case

Question of the Day: Should children be spanked?

SGP Podcast

Ep. 65: Reliving Trump’s Victory in Glorious Detail

Kira, April and Teri are talking this week about the lack of common sense in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the

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Nov 10: ‘Abortion Barbie’ to Hit the Big Screen

Question of the Day: Do you get a flu shot every year?

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Nov 9: Why Dine Naked When You Can Wear This $375 Antifa Jacket?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When is the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music?


Nov 8: A Year of Trump (Special Guest: Salena Zito)

Reporter Salena Zito sits down with Teri to discuss a year of Donald Trump.


Nov 7: What Will Today’s Election in Virginia Tell Us About 2018?

On this episode, we update the goings-on in Texas and Saudi Arabia, plus one Hollywood starlet’s attempt at cleverness fails.