Put away your white boards, fellow Domers

Put away your white boards long enough to listen to what the Vice President of the United States has to say to you.


The Syncophant Media is Actually Hurting the Left

There are many things the sycophant Main Stream Media (MSM) has done to aid the left in their goals of taking over everything.


From Suffragists to Pussy Hats: The Decline of the Feminist Movement

If anger is going to be the overarching force behind today’s feminist movement, then count me out. I just prefer being happy.


The Badass Girl and the Menacing Bull Represent America’s Gender War

The artwork on Wall Street known as ‘Fearless Girl’ could not be a more apt physical manifestation of America’s gender war.


Unfriend: How Liberals are Cutting Conservative Friends Out of Their Digital and Real Lives

Should we, as conservatives, keep our voices quiet in fear of chastisement from the Left?


An Inconvenient Analogy: Abortion, Eugenics, and Nazi Germany

Donald Trump is the second coming of the Third Reich. Or, at least, that’s what some would have you believe.