The #ReHash: February 18, 2017

The #ReHash: February 18, 2017

February 18, 2017

A digest of what’s hot at Smart Girl Politics

I wanted to highlight for you a new book out by self-described anti-feminist Suzanne Venker. She’s the niece of Phyllis Schlafly, so that gives you an idea of where she’s coming from in terms of the modern women’s movement. Her new book is called The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage: How Love Worksand it’s chock full of great advice for women on how to have a happy, healthy relationship.

Warning: This is not your mother’s self-help book. It’s brutally honest about the behaviors that destroy marriages. Suzanne is getting a lot of blowback from “feminists”, so you know she’s on to something. I interviewed her on this week’s podcast — I think you’ll enjoy it! And go buy her book!

Here are some stories you might have missed this week:

How about that press conference? I call it The Mother of All Press Conferences. If you missed it, here are 8 of the top moments.

President Trump has a big problem on his hands, with Obama loyalists seeking to undermine his administration. Example A: Mike Flynn.

The liberal boycott bullies were back at it this week, this time the target being the Trump brand of wines. Whoops, looks like it backfired, as DC area stores have sold out of Trump wines.

Speaking of boycotts, these ladies had a message for Nordstrom after they pulled Ivanka Trump’s clothing line from their stores.

And still more about boycotts … this time, no one would sit next to Tiffany Trump at a New York Fashion Week show. Bullies.

Hundreds of angry libs showed up to moon Chicago’s Trump Tower. Avert your eyes!

Trump is ‘unstable’ — that’s the new red herring of the left.

This South Carolina fireman delivered a baby girl in the back of an ambulance a few years back. He and his wife ended up adopting her. Beautiful!


Many, many thanks to The Great Courses Plus for sponsoring the Smart Girl Politics podcast. I’m currently taking their course, “The Fundamentals of Photography”, and it is outstanding. I was scared of my new Canon Rebel DSLR, but the instructor, a photographer who works a lot with National Geographic, admitted up front that he doesn’t know how to use every feature of his camera. Whew!

I want you to join me on this fun journey of learning! You can get a free trial by going here right now. And please let me know which course(s) you decide to take — there are over 8,000 to choose from.


Ben Shapiro, FTW!


Here in Leesburg, VA, the forecast for today is highs in the low 60s. We’ve had no snow at all! Winter has been one, big washout for us. I hope you’re able to enjoy the weather today wherever you are!

Oh, and please let me know if you’d like to join the private Smart Girl Politics Facebook group. It’s a great group over there!

Happy Saturday!

Teri Christoph
Co-Founder, Smart Girl Politics


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