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Teri Christoph is one of the original founders of Smart Girl Politics. In addition to her work at SGP, Teri is a full-time fundraiser for conservative candidates and causes. She lives in Leesburg, VA, with her husband and four children. You can contact Teri at [email protected].

Daily Edit

Nov 9: Why Dine Naked When You Can Wear This $375 Antifa Jacket?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When is the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music?


Nov 8: A Year of Trump (Special Guest: Salena Zito)

Reporter Salena Zito sits down with Teri to discuss a year of Donald Trump.


Nov 7: What Will Today’s Election in Virginia Tell Us About 2018?

On this episode, we update the goings-on in Texas and Saudi Arabia, plus one Hollywood starlet’s attempt at cleverness fails. And Decision Desk HQ’s Brandon Finnigan joins Teri to game


Nov 6: Rand Paul’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

On this inaugural episode of The Daily Edit, host Teri Christoph discusses the massacre in Texas and Rand Paul surviving a second attack by a crazed leftist.


Ep. 46: Lasik, the Loony Left, and the Curious Case of Otto Warmbier

Lasik, the unhinged left’s role in the shooting of Steve Scalise, and the curious case of UVA student Otto Warmbier.


Ep 44: Fidget Spinners, Homemade Slime and Squatty Potties

April is back! This week, she joins Kira and Teri to talk about the utter stupidity of Kathy Griffin, fun times in the Indy 500 infield, and the scourge of


Ep 43: Could Air Drops of Blue Jeans and Coca-Cola Save the World?

Teri and Kira discuss the starring role Melania’s hand played in Trump’s first overseas trip and how her fashion choices always send a subtle message.


Episode #42: Five Guys is Better Than In-N-Out

A new poll – and everyone knows polling is never wrong – shows Americans prefer Five Guys over In-N-Out.


Ep. 41: Why the entire nation needs to be cupped liked Michael Phelps

Apparently, you can culturally appropriate margaritas and other delicious Mexican foods. Go figure.