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Teri Christoph is one of the original founders of Smart Girl Politics. In addition to her work at SGP, Teri is a full-time fundraiser for conservative candidates and causes. She lives in Leesburg, VA, with her husband and four children. You can contact Teri at [email protected].


Hollywood Thinks Infanticide is Humorous

Infanticide (or infant homicide) is the intentional killing of infants. A more common term, abortion, is an operation to end pregnancy: an operation or other intervention to end a pregnancy by removing an


Work It Like A Girl: the President Gets Physical

When I first saw the article come out detailing President Obama’s workout routine as seen in a Polish gym, my immediate thought was “are we really going to make fun


CNN Anchor Claims FLOTUS Signed Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Into Law

During yesterday’s edition of CNN Newsroom, anchorette Carol Costello was making remarks on the resistance to federal mandates requiring that students be served healthier food in schools. During her commentary,


Are We Seriously Having A Conversation About Paid “Menstrual Leave”?

Last week, The Atlantic re-ignited a question so many of us are NOT thinking about — should paid ‘menstrual leave’ should be a thing? Huffington Post quickly jumped on board during one of their


Happy Mother’s Day from Smart Girl Politics

Many thanks to Anna Nantz, Clickity Split Photography.


UPDATED: The Reality of Standing for Truth In Hollywood

When 21-year-old Texas native Sloane Brown first got to Hollywood, her conservative upbringing shed light on many of the truths she was taught as a child. Already outspoken by nature, she learned


MSNBC: Who us? Obsessed With (faux) Racism? Never!

Did you know MSNBC is NOT obsessed with race? No siree, they are NOT. I mean, Al Sharpton only mentioned race 215 times on the air last year, and remember the


Beauty Is A State of Mind

Dove has done it again. You may remember the wonderful video they released last April entitled “You are more beautiful than you think.”  Subjects were asked to describe themselves for a forensic


Don’t Believe The Spin: 2014 Elections Are Far From Settled

The following article was sent to me by Bill Wilson, who runs the Market Research Foundation, and is a fascinating evaluation of the VA Gubernatorial race - based on real numbers -