ACA: Helped or Hurt? Americans have much to say about SCOTUS decision

The Supreme Court handed down its second Obamacare judgement today. In a 6-3 decision, the court decided to uphold subsidies and, apparently, change the meanings of words in the original law. State now means federal and intention is now more important than constitutionality. The actual decision and dissent can be found here.

Needless to say, social media was afire with comments from people around the country who wanted to make their opinion known on this very important legislation and ruling. One local news station in South Florida asked its viewers what they thought of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). The responses leaned surprisingly (or not) towards the negative.

Democrats hailed this as a victory for the people.  However, below are just a few of the comments from people who don’t quite agree (to read the comments in their totality, click the link above).

Kerrie Flowers-Whitaker wrote,

“We had health insurance before the health care act went into affect. It was canceled because it didn’t meet the requirements. We could afford it too. Now we have no insurance because we just can’t afford it”.

Deb Schmeltzer responded,

“For those who get subsidies its wonderful they think. Not good for the rest of us. Higher premiums, deductibles, less coverage or having to pay for things not needed. It’s not a good thing and will bankrupt the country quickly”.

Another gentleman, Gerardo Barascout had this to say:

“It is so unaffordable that it needs a subsidy, which is not available for everyone; in addition, if you cannot afford it you’re penalized with a fine, completely ridiculous”.

Jane Arsenal wrote,

“I have multiple pre-existing conditions that caused me a lot of denials over the years and as a single mother my kids health care was always more important then mine so I went without and pretty much had been broke. Now that my kids are adults the affordable health care (Obama Care) came along and it sounded perfect. What I ended up with is an HMO (Humana) that costs me $300 a month for just me and when I try to make an appointment I’m told unless it’s an emergency I can not see my doctor for approx 2 months. I wasn’t able to get a hearing test, no one accepted (AHC) humana and there really aren’t any specialists taking (AHC) humana. This does not included my co-pays which aren’t bad but add my co-pays plus premiums, plus costs of meds and it was cheaper to go without insurance and roll the dice. I’m close to cancelling my insurance and pay the penalty on my taxes, it’s still cheaper then what I am paying for insurance”.

Beth Larcombe Barense also shared her experience,

“Ours would have been just under $900 per month, which was better that what my husband can get through work (almost $1900 per month), however, still not affordable, plus we would need to be out $15000 per year for the insurance to cover 60%, that plus the premium - oh and the fact that I was told that come tax season the credit would need to be paid back ($6000 per year - not sure if I was misinformed) ….needless to say, my family and I are uninsured and it terrifies my husband and I every day. We are not looking for a handout - just something that is truly affordable. For the older population, this woman had this to say:I get a $374.00 subsidy to help me pay for a policy that has a yearly $6,300 deductible that has to be exhausted before it will cover 65% of reasonable and customary fees…what a joke. The only reason that I have it is to avoid the tax penalty and to be eligible for a low-income reduction in fees should I need to be hospitalized. Better yet, because I am in the 55-65 yr old age group, the 1996 Welfare Reform Act says that I am going to have to pay back this subsidy”.

There were a few individuals who were happy it wasn’t overturned. One woman, Arlyne Brosowski, said this:

“I was petrified it would be turned over. I have it…cannot afford to use it much because of the deductible…But I have it and I am grateful that in an emergency I am covered…!!!! I believe in this system…it just takes the people though to give it a chance and look at the positive things it has done..!!”

If one looks through the comments, the majority have had negative experiences with the law. While there are some  who have benefited, most feel that this law hurts them financially with far less coverage and at a higher cost.

It seems neither politicians nor the Courts hear or, perhaps, even care what the people are saying about this law as they push to say how well it is working. The actual stories of real Americans seems to tell a very different story.

Not all politicians are in agreement though. Many presidential hopefuls came out strongly against the ruling.  Justice Antonin Scalia wrote a very strong dissent as well and was joined in his dissent by Justice’s Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas .

How do you feel about SCOTUS upholding subsidies and the Affordable Health Care Act? Do you feel you pay more or has it helped your family? Sound off below because we want to know your experience with President Obama’s crowning achievement.

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