The Syncophant Media is Actually Hurting the Left

There are many things the sycophant Main Stream Media (MSM) has done to aid the left in their goals of taking over everything.  Pictures are all over the internet of Andrea Mitchell with starry eyes for Hillary Clinton on her plane and other campaign stops.  How could the number of positive press stories about President Obama in his first months vs. the number of negative press stories of President Trump in his first months not influence the consumers of news?  Look at how much more money and how often people in the media give monetary donations to Democrats vs. Republicans.  More than once in the past few years it has come out that the MSM was ignoring a story and thanks to social media they could no longer bury it.

Before the advent of the internet and then the explosion of social media, they ruled the game, they owned the only ball.  And if you didn’t want to play the game by their rules, you didn’t get to play.  It can still be an issue for those who are not interested in looking further than the easy media.  But as long as you have a conservative friend who “likes” or shares on Facebook or Twitter, you will at least be exposed to the issues the MSM used to bury.

After Donald Trump won the election, those in the MSM were shocked.  They couldn’t for the life of them understand how anyone could vote for him.  They didn’t know anyone who voted for him.  It had to be racist, misogynists, ultra-rich or was it poor, working white males or was it snobby white, college educated females, or even Uncle Toms.  I know, it is the Nazis.  I am generally shocked and amazed all the ways the media can insult me.

The insulting is certainly one way the MSM is hurting the left.  When is the last time you changed your opinion, political or otherwise, because someone insulted you?  A lot of people felt left behind with the direction of the country.  Insulting them doesn’t bring anyone to the liberal’s point of view.  I thought I was a moderate Democrat when I went to college.  I found the college Democrats to be mean people.  Their unkindness made me realize I was conservative much sooner than I would have on my own.

The media did their best to make everyone think that any decent human was going to vote for Hillary, it was her turn after all.  All the cool kids were on her side.  Hollywood stars told us so in their PSAs.  For decades the culture has been telling us that only progressives (their term du jour) existed.  If you were a working class white man, or gay, or a female, or a minority of any sort that was conservative, you were a freak of nature.  And you were all alone, an anomaly.  The first time I was told to my face that of course I have the right to think the way I want, but that I should be ashamed of myself for not thinking like her, I was stunned into silence.  So what is it, can I or can’t I think for myself?  Then when social media was available, I found I wasn’t the only conservative woman to have this said to her.  There is great comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.

Liberals are convinced that everyone is like them.  They control the culture so why bother looking for other news sources.  These MSM sources say what they like to hear.  Everything else is just evil and therefore those opinions are not valid.  This is also the rationalization for committing violence against those they don’t agree with.  Not looking for other opinions and then understanding another’s point of view has made progressives very closed minded.

The media is actually causing everyone to a more extreme view point.  Liberals are believing everything they read in the MSM, that anyone who doesn’t think like them is evil (this includes family and lifelong friends), and are going further left.  Conservatives are frustrated with being demonized and/or physically harmed and are going more right.

I knew that Donald Trump was going to win.  I was wary of the cheating issues of the Democrats (I did live most of my adult life in the Chicago suburbs, 17+ years).   I still thought Trump could win.  I was hearing from various sources that different people knew others who were voting for Trump but weren’t telling anyone publicly.  I didn’t publicize that I was voting Trump, I didn’t want my tires slashed, my yard vandalized, or to be harmed personally.  I knew that if I had a Republican sign in my yard in the Chicago area, someone could steal my sign, but I wasn’t really concerned about my house being egged.  No matter where I live now, I still wouldn’t put a pro Trump anything on my anything.

Democrats and even some Republicans were totally convinced that Hillary was going to win.  It was all you ever heard from the media.  Everyone was saying she was going to win in a landslide.  They didn’t see a Trump win coming.  And now they have no idea how it happened.  The media is blaming everyone and everything except Hillary and the policies of the left.  As long as they can’t see why they lost, they won’t know how to fix it.  That’s okay with me.

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