Don’t Bring Your Kid To My House IF…

Don’t Bring Your Kid To My House IF…

Imagine, for a moment, you’re six years old, and it’s Halloween. You’re so excited about getting into your Captain America costume and knocking on doors to get as much candy as possible (I always take two bags so I can hit more homes). Finally, the time arrives to get dressed, and you head out to visit all your neighbors. You walk up to a house two doors down, and you see this:

No Halloween For These Kids


That’s right.

You aren’t welcome, because your costume is politically incorrect! No Native Americans, princesses, superheroes, pirates, etc. Why? Because the politically correct are excellent at judging others. They are offended by costumes considered bigoted, racist, ableist, or sexist, and any innocent costume they believe promotes violence or rape culture is off limits. At first I thought the above sign circulating on the internet was some kind of joke, but it wasn’t. It is very real, and people are sharing it and asking others to display the sign in their windows or on their doors.

So let me just say to all the politically correct out there…GET OVER YOURSELVES!

These are children who are using their imagination to dress up as someone or something they find interesting. Most of them don’t know the word “bigoted” until they see your stupid sign and ask their parents what it means. Most of them don’t look at the world and get offended by every little thing. They’re kids, and they’re just having fun.

Maybe, just maybe, that little soldier who shows up on your doorstep is dressed that way to honor his/her mom or dad currently serving overseas. And maybe that little Native American is dressed to honor Sacajawea, who helped Lewis and Clark explore the wilds of this great country. And what about that “special needs” child dressed up as Superman, because it makes him feel strong and powerful? Did you people even consider that? Probably not, because you  want to be offended and ruin an enjoyable evening for everyone. You have forgotten what it’s like to use your imagination and have fun.

It is  past time for Americans, especially the far left, to stop getting their knickers in a knot over every little thing. It is time we stop looking for a reason to be offended. It is time to grow up and realize we are not the same. We all think differently, and that doesn’t mean we are racist, warmongers, sexist, superior, or promoting violence.

Grow up America and stop sucking the fun out of life for the rest of us!


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