Smart Girl Politics podcast episode #3: Death to the Sweet Meteor of Death!

RedState’s Caleb Howe joins Teri to discuss his new role at RedState, the aftermath of Monday’s debate, the BLM fracas in Caleb’s hometown of Charlotte, and the death of the Sweet Meteor of Death.


Guess who got 6 follow-up questions at the debate? HINT: It wasn’t Hillary.

Lester Holt couldn’t think of a single thing that Hillary needed to explain more at Monday night’s debate. Nope, no bias here!


SGP podcast episode #2: The War on Men (or: Why Women Need to Just Shut Up Sometimes)

On episode #2 of the Smart Girl Politics podcast, hosts Teri Christoph and Tami Nantz are joined by author and noted “anti-feminist” Suzanne Venker, niece of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly (rabble rousing runs in the family). The ladies talk sex, money and — gasp! — respecting men. Also, is a post-Clinton world nigh?


Smart Girl Politics Podcast: Episode #1

Hosts Teri Christoph and Tami Nantz give an update on SGP (hint: it involves a podcast), give a nod to shrill conservative women and talk about whether or not they can support Donald Trump.


That time when SGP started a podcast

A podcast, you say? We’ll see where this new adventure takes us.